Sunday, 15 May 2016

MIL Collections - who is Matt Murdoch?

Debt Collection companies regularly lie and provide false information, secure in the knowledge that their victims do not know the real situation, and even if they did, no-one in authority is likely to care if they complain. Bizarrely, they are even allowed to lie about certain things - for instance, it is permissible (for security reasons) to use false names. This is even enshrined in their code of conduct.

However, they are not allowed to use these fake names in court. Using a fake name on a witness statement would be contempt of court. The “witness” is giving a statement of truth that it is the evidence of fact of the fake person. Thus that statement of truth is false.

(1) Proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against a person if he makes, or causes to be made, a false statement in a document verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.
(although CPR 27.2(c) would mean this would not strictly speaking apply in the small claims track)

The Civil Procedure Rules also require the deponent to give his real name:
Body of witness statement
18.1  The witness statement must, if practicable, be in the intended witness’s own words, the statement should be expressed in the first person and should also state:
(1) the full name of the witness,
(2) his place of residence or, if he is making the statement in his professional, business or other occupational capacity, the address at which he works, the position he holds and the name of his firm or employer,
(3) his occupation, or if he has none, his description, and
(4) the fact that he is a party to the proceedings or is the employee of such a party if it be the case.

Providing a false identity to the court can also be perverting the course of justice.

Which brings us on to Matt Murdoch...

Matt Murdoch is the person who signs witness statements for MIL Collections Ltd.

The problem is, he does not appear to exist. Although a large number of MILs employees have been traced and identified via social media, Matt Murdock is not one of them. He does not appear in any photographs on social media and does not have any entries. He is not referred to by any of the other MIL employees in their social media.

MIL informed their advocate representing them in a recent claim that Matt Murdoch was based at their Truro office. However, there is no-one called Matt Murdoch on the electoral roll in Cornwall or Devon.

Matt does not even appear to know his own name, spelling it Murdock on occasion.

And, most tellingly, The Prankster has inside information alleging that Matt Murdoch does not exist, but is a mixture of people within the legal team who work for MIL.

This information has now been laid before judges in several cases, resulting in them being adjourned so that MIL could answer the question as to whether Matt Murdoch exists or does not exist.

Have you received a witness statement signed by Matt Murdoch?

If so, The Prankster suggests that you write to MIL and the clerk of the court, informing them that you have reasonable belief Matt Murdoch does not exist and it is therefore a possible contempt of court to file such a witness statement. Inform them that several judges have now stayed cases and are waiting on the results of MIL v Mr W case B4QZ7FOM at West Cumbria Court, and MIL v Mr C in Oldham where MIL have been ordered to furnish proof Matt Murdoch exists by 20th June.

If Alan Davis of MIL Collections wishes to confirm or deny the existence of this ghostly member of their A team, or indeed any other matter, The Prankster offers the right to reply by emailing

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  1. What a daring devil. I await their switch to Franklin P. "Foggy" Nelson.

  2. Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right....

  3. Lucky for MIL they are not BPA members. I hear Kira Fleck takes a very dim view of this type of thing.

  4. I'm Matt Murdoch/Murdock and so's my wife. Sorry Life of Brian writers, no copyright infringement intended.

  5. There's stupid....and then there's private parking companies!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Here we are 3 weeks later with no validation of identity. If this person was real then this would have been sorted well before now to get the cases moving and get MIL off the hook.
    I wonder if there's an application for a new 10 year passport outstanding for a rapid getaway......

  8. Any news if this Matt Murdoch has been identified yet??

    1. He has never made an appearance and is therefore a fictional name.