Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wright Hassall? Right shambles!

Wright Hassall decisions have started to come in.

The first problem is that WH appear to have jumped the gun - motorists still have one day to add to their appeal evidence. The second problem is that some motorists have not received the initial WH letters, so the decision has come out of the blue. The third problem is that the WH assessor is not named...most likely for reasons which will become obvious. The fourth problem is that the assessment does not take the appeal points into account. The fifth problem is that the judgments are exceedingly short and do not even properly consider the appeal points they do cover. Obviously the BPA have not paid Wright Hassall enough for them to spend more than 5 minutes writing up their appeal judgment.

Prankster Note

The POPLA appeals process is now descending into farce. You get what you pay for, and on the above evidence the BPA have paid for a substandard, incompetent service, which is biased towards the operators and therefore demonstrably unfair.

ISPA are currently monitoring the appeals process and have appointed two people to check appeals, so if you have any problems either with the procedures or with the quality and competence of the Wright Hassall assessors you should contact ISPA with your complaint.

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  1. Also, since Wright Hassall are doing the Popla appeals in their official capacity as solicitors (as per their letters) this opens the door to take them to the Legal Ombudsman where they pay £400 for every complaint - I think it is well worth doing if they are providing such substandard work.

  2. I'm not sure I would dignify the result by agreeing that Wright Hassall have reached the dizzying heights of 'substandard'. It's much poorer quality than that.

  3. Any example rejections to post - or is it basically 'Beavis done mean you gotta pay'?