Sunday, 17 April 2016

ALDI give Wright Hassall vote of no confidence

According to this comment on a previous Prankster blog, ALDI appear to have no confidence in the POPLA process.

I telephoned the Retailer (Aldi) where I got my PCN in Feb 2015 that was in the GPEOL cases and told them about my letter from Wright Hassall and that I believed it was a 'conflict of interest'. I shopped at the store, had a receipt and overstayed unknowingly.
Aldi didn't seem comfortable or aware Wright Hassall had in effect replaced POPLA. Aldi asked me to cancel my appeal and they would cancel the PCN subject to the appeal not having taken place.
I had a phone call from Aldi yesterday confirming they had told Parking Eye to cancel my PCN. RESULT!
The Prankster therefore recommends to motorists who have a parking appeal due to be held by Wright Hassall that they contact the landowner and inform them that the POPLA process is in their opinion no longer independent but is being conducted by debt collectors who work on behalf of parking companies. They can also point out that Wright Hassall do not appear to understand the law regarding parking charges, as evidenced by their court defeats on this matter, such as in this case recently held in Cardiff.

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  1. when this sham kicks off , they are keeping their heads low ,

    if WH rule (unlawfully) in PEs favour , PE will have to start court proceedings to keep a straight face

    ALDI don't do court , can you remember a recent (short overstay) case?

  2. I'd expect that they understand the law; they just don't find it convenient.

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  4. Shame on ALDI for employing these dodgy operators to harass their own customers. Basically, the PPC operators are using a faux fine system to separate people from their money. If supermarkets were so concerned about people not paying and/or overstaying and ensure customer goodwill, they would install automatic boom gates to ensure payment and never hire these vultures to "manage" their carparks. For whatever reason still unknown, they still pass the buck and employ the PPC shambolic services.