Friday, 10 October 2014

UKPC issues small claims in Scotland

Up to now parking companies have resisted making small claims in Scotland. There, the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 is not applicable, so only the driver can be held liable.

However this newspaper report details that UKPC have issued a number of small claims in Scotland for parking events in Gallagher Retail Park, Dundee.

Two cases were held in Dundee this week, three cases in Forfar ,and a further case is scheduled in Dundee next month.

This may well be an experiment to test the waters in Scotland. If large numbers of drivers pay up when a small claim is received, it may be worth issuing them even if UKPC lose in court. Presumably if a case gets to court UKPC will hope either that the motorist admits being the driver, or that the judge on the day thinks that on the balance of probabilities, they were.

No doubt other parking companies will be watching closely.

The Prankster lives near Dundee, so if any motorist wishes to get in touch for help and advice, please use the usual contact email address;

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The Parking Prankster


  1. Do we know how the two cases last week went?

  2. I thought you're living somewhere near Yate?

  3. There was supposed to have been another UKPC case heard at airdrie sheriff court last Tuesday. Ive not heard the outcome yet

  4. Anyone know the results of these cases?