Friday, 31 October 2014

Proserve find new way to while away the hours

Now that Proserve's business model has gone up the spout, Stephen Duff has apparently found a new way to spend his time.

HHJ Moloney last week established that Mr Duff's signage was gibberish, and that any damages for trespass must be limited to the actual costs involved. Although HHJ Moloney guessed that this would be around £60, (rising to around £100), a truer figure based on that given by large numbers of parking companies in their submissions to POPLA, would be around £20. Ransomes have a duty to mitigate costs, so rather that pay Mr Duff's inflated fees, they should, going forward, find a firm to do it for them at the market rate.

Rather than scooting around business parks slapping on £20 tickets for trespass, it appears Mr Duff has found a new hobby. He has contacted Pepipoo, accusing various posters of making fabricated statements and defamatory comments regarding himself and Proserve. He has asked for identifying details so that he can commence unspecified court proceedings, and has threatened to apply for a court order if they don't cough up.

As Stephen Duff posts as Lasty705 on the forum, where he impersonates a lorry driver, he will be well aware that the only details Pepipoo hold on posters are an email address and an IP address. It is not known what he thinks he can do with these, but as a precaution The Prankster asks that his email address of not be passed on to Mr Duff.

It is not likely Mr Duff really intends court action. A cursory check by The Prankster found nothing he could identify as untrue, which would therefore leave Mr Duff with no cause of action. However, as Mr Duff forgot to inform pepipoo which posts he took objection to, The Prankster may of course be mistaken on this.

However, Mr Duff has in the past tried to track down the home address of pepipoo posters, and The Prankster suspects this is the real intention behind Mr Duff's latest fact finding mission. This is of course extremely sinister and worrying.

Luckily Pepipoo have no intention of providing Mr Duff with any details short of a court order, which he would be unlikely to get. This is good news, as the prospect of Mr Duff turning up on anyone's doorstep is not a pleasant one. Presumably Mr Duff will also be contacting the court for HHJ Moloney's address so he can pop round and discuss his recent business downturn.

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The Parking Prankster


  1. I was just wondering whether you could let us all have Mr. Duff's home address please (pretty please) just in case anybody reading this may want to sue him?

  2. Oh bugger mr duff is upset. LOL

  3. Well everyone knows he's a cheating , lying person, and his so called company are nothing more than vermin who try to leach money from motorists. The whole world should know what kind of person he is!

  4. I would be very surprised to find a solicitor who would take this on without a huge wodge of moolah up front. Silly man.