Saturday, 2 August 2014

David Taylor suffers memory failure

David Taylor, ex-boss of ParkingEye, suffered extreme memory lapses as he fondly recalled his time in the parking business to the Daily Mail.

In his recall the company was run in an ethical and sensitive way and would never target hospital patients or ticket pensioners for short overstays.

Sadly it seems Mr Taylor's memory is not all it once was. The Prankster hopes Mr Taylor can enjoy his millions before his condition worsens and he slips into dotage.

The Prankster can revel that on Mr Taylor's watch:

Sir Robin Jacob found ParkingEye were guilty of the tort of deceit - ParkingEye did not challenge this decision. He also found that ParkingEye sent out letters which it knew contained falsehoods.

ParkingEye took court action for motorists whose vehicles had broken down

ParkingEye took court action for motorsts who suffered mediacal emergencies

ParkingEye took court action against elderly motorists for short overstays

ParkingEye took court action against motorists who were not even in the car park at the times alledged

ParkingEye installed deficient camera coverage in car parks which did not cover all entrances and exits.

ParkingEye issued charges on a site where the land renter did not apparently have authorisation from the landowner (the council) to do this.

ParkingEye took court action while ignoring all letters reportedly sent to them in some cases.

ParkingEye took court action against some motorists who reported receiving no prior communication.

ParkingEye targeted hospital visitors using systems designed to generate parking charges; some of these contracts have been terminated due to complaints generated

ParkingEye cost B&Q millions in lost revenue by aggressively targetting their customers, driving them away in droves. ParkingEye have now had this contract terminated.

ParkingEye installed signage which created entrapment zones in car parks due to the incomplete coverage.

ParkingEye put false information on their web site designed to bully motorists into paying charges

ParkingEye sent false information to motorists in response to their appeals, designed to bully motorists into paying.

ParkingEye deceived the courts by providing false information regarding their charges.

ParkingEye deceived the courts by redacting their contracts to hide information detrimental to their case. (There is no accusation that Mr Taylor deceived HHJ Moloney as this case happened after MR Taylor had left)

ParkingEye deceived the court by photocopying witness statements and adding in dates, and then filed the witness statments as evidence even though they contained statements which were not within the knowlege of the witnesses.

ParkingEye filed thousands of court claims without providing a compliant letter before claim, and in some cases without a letter before claim at all.

ParkingEye claimed solicitor fees which were not actually incurred at a rate of millions of pounds a year.

ParkingEye filed court documents regularly totalling over 50 pages and containing references to over 50 cases in violation of the primary practice directions which state that the case should be conducted in a manner proportiponal to the amount claimed. Defending a claim successfully would therefore take up to 100 hours of research.

ParkingEye regularly filed court claims for some car parks even though they have never  provided a contract to prove they can. They regularly claimed this was in case defendants posted the contract on the internet even though this had never happened to their contracts.

The Prankster wishes Mr Taylor well and hopes his memory soon recovers and there is no permanent damage.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Being associated with Parking(sh)Eye(sters) seems to be a major cause of memory loss. Simon Smith cannot even remember which car parking company he was with for 9 years and 3 months.

  2. "A car parking company...." LOL.