Monday, 6 November 2017

Ex-tower Nigel Barrington-Fuller made bankrupt

This week The Prankster referred to the case of Mayhook v NCP. In that case Nigel Barrington-Fuller, an ex-barrister towed away Mr Mayhooks car from an NCP car park and refused to return it. Mr Mayhook successfully sued NCP and Barrington-Fuller, and was awarded damages and costs.

As a postscript to this story, it has now emerged that Barrington-Fuller has not paid NCP monies owed to them and had therefore been made bankrupt in May 2017.

The story was reported on pepipoo.

It is not known whether the monies owed had anything to do with the Mayhook case.

Mr Mayhook was awarded £87,000, broken down as follows;

Solicitors costs £45000
Barrister £12500
After the event Insurance £24000
Disbursements £4500

This did not include NCP or Mr Barrington-Fuller's costs - presumably they shelled out a similar amount. It is therefore quite possible that the bankruptcy concerned monies that Barrington-Fuller owed to NCP as part of this settlement. However, this is of course just speculation.

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  1. Not speculation, it was NCP wot bankrupted him.

  2. They did his missus too???????????

  3. Did the rest of his family by the looks of it.
    Adrian Fuller -

    David Charles Fuller -

    Nigel Edmund James Barrington-Fuller -

    Julia Barrington-Fuller -

  4. I wonder if NBF's next appearance in court will be when he finds himself being divorced!

  5. Couldn't have happened to a nicer tow rag

  6. He seems to have earned a place on the board of the IPC