Thursday, 26 October 2017

Funding Appeal to get Civil Restraint Order against Private Parking Solutions London Ltd

A funding appeal has been launched to raise money to to get Civil Restraint Order against Private Parking Solutions London Ltd

A link to the appeal is here.

The background to the appeal is that PPS have so far lost 18 out of 18 court hearings regarding parking claims in Ashford town centre car park, yet continue to bring new claims. They were turfed out in June 2017 by the new Leaseholder, Greene King brewery, for their aggressive ticketing, but continue to bring claims for historic tickets.

The way to stop this appalling behaviour is to get a Civil Restraint Order to stop them bringing new claims regarding this car park. Please consider donating to the appeal in order to stop this unscrupulous company continue its bullying ways.

Prankster Notes

As well as PPS, Gladstones Solicitors are hardly blameless in this matter.

Gladstones Solicitors take on and file court claims without doing any due diligence or any credible investigation as to whether the claim is valid or not. The 18 lost claims by PPS clearly demonstrate this. Their owners line their pockets through bullying and intimidating tactics, making their money not through assisting valid claims, but because they know that many people are scared of court and will therefore pay up to make the claim go away, regardless of validity. The Prankster therefore considers that both Will Hurley and John Davies are morally bankrupt individuals and wonders how they sleep at night, knowing that their actions could have serious financial effects on totally blameless victims.

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  1. Replies
    1. Link now back. Presumably the parking company complained to gofundme, who then put the appeal on hold while checking.

  2. Jakub GAJEWSKI wields that much power?

  3. Michelle Arnold has most certainly took the fight back to the PPC's on this site... With so many cases lost through her work, Tom's work and the others helping on her facebook group you'd think that they would admit defeat and crawl into a hole... But no... They still peruse cases... and lose. What worries me is how many people are not on the Ashford Antiques Support Group and just fold when the court papers or original NTK's arrive... Otherwise why would they continue to risk losing all the money it must cost to take people to court??? Going for a CRO based on this many defeats is a good idea... Stop the Cowboys!

  4. Well dome Michelle Arnold (and Tony & team too)

  5. Can't the SRA do something about Gladstones?

  6. despite the thread on MSE with a link to the fundraising site being deleted , sufficient funds are now available , I wonder if this action may v escalate to say , housing estates where people have got multiple tickets on there own land , £1000 would not be hard to raise if several people have multiple £160 tickets , after which the parking Co would be unable to act , fail there contact and be sued by landowners

    1. Sounds like a good idea. Im sure our progress will posted on here or MSE. If we pull it off you should find a residential car park where people are being tickets and try a CRO. Nothing to lose just something to gain so to say.

    2. Need some help with a parking ticket I'm now in court Ashford antiques

    3. What stage are you at? Is defence filed yet? When is next deadline?

    4. Get yourself to the parking behind ashford antiques facebook page