Monday, 8 June 2015

DVLA reverse position on charging to find out if a parking company have accessed your data

The DVLA previously charged if you wanted to know if a parking company has accessed your data.

They have now apparently changed their mind on this, at least according to this post on pepipoo.

Due to the nature of your request for information we are unable to provide this via email under the Data Protection Act. However, data-subjects have the right to request information held about them by the DVLA. Requests for such information from the vehicle record must be made in writing providing full name and address and details of the vehicle registration mark(s). The fee for this service until today was £5, but this is now a service which is provided “Free of charge”. Requests should be sent with any necessary documents to: Vehicles Fee Paying Enquiry Section, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AJ."
The Prankster welcomes this change of position - it is only fair that keepers know if a parking company has correctly accessed data. Going further, it would be even better in future if a keeper could register to be automatically informed if an operator has accessed their data. The Prankster suggests that email would be a cost effective method to do this, with post as a back up for keepers who do not wish to rely on email. This can be easily funded by the current charge to the operators of £2.50.

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  2. This is a good idea. It appears that most letters from private parking companies go missing in the post so you may not be aware that you have a pcn. They don't check your current address before issuing court papers so you may not be aware that you are being taken to court or have a CCJ. It also doesn't seem to matter that you haven't breached their contract, once you have entered a private car park and they have an ANPR photo you are fair game.

  3. There is much more to it. The keeper has to know when the keeper request was made and by whom. If the request was within the wrong time or in relation to another ticket than keeper liability does not stand.

    1(1)The third condition is that—
    (a)the creditor (or a person acting for or on behalf of the creditor) has made an application for the keeper’s details in relation to the period of parking to which the unpaid parking charges relate;
    (b)the application was made during the relevant period for the purposes of paragraph 8(4) (where a notice to driver has been given) or 9(4) (where no notice to driver has been given);
    (c)the information sought by the application is provided by the Secretary of State to the applicant

  4. How would you register an email address with DVLA? If you sent it by post they would probably lose it as they seem to lose a huge proportion of mail.

  5. parking eye have issued a parking ticket for my wife having obtained the information from the DVLA. The images they sent relate only to the entrance and exit of the carpark. However there are two other ways into and out of the carpark. These other ways are not marked by parking eye and it is not certain that they own all the land in the carpark . I have also previously entered the carpark by the standard entrance and left by another entrance /exit and then re entered through the standard entrance and then left by the standard exit.. Therefore according to their cameras I have entered twice but only left once. I would welcome comment about what to do

    1. Please email me a copy of the parking ticket and I will advise.

  6. my wife got a parking ticket from parking eye and the ticket showed only the main entrance and main exit. However the carpark as two other entrances/ exits that are not owned or controlled by parking eye and there are no signs indicating that you are entering the carpark. I have photos to prove this. I also believe that the carpark area is not fully owned or controlled by parking eye . I have entered by the main entrance and then left by one of the other entrances /exits and then go back in through the main entrance and leave by the main exit and never got a ticket even though I never paid for parking. In view of this what should I do.